Chevrolet Spark vs Honda Brio designs

What are the outstanding features of Chevrolet Spark vs Honda Brio?

Currently, the demand for cars in the Philippines market is very large, many famous brands have launched different models of cars. In which, Chevrolet Spark vs Honda Brio was the two most sought-after outstanding cars. A product will have its own specifications, characteristics, and features. Let’s learn about these cars to get the most suitable choice.

Chevrolet Spark vs Honda Brio designs
Chevrolet spark vs Honda brio have separate designs

Specifications Chevrolet Spark vs Honda Brio

Chevrolet spark specs Philippines

Possessing an overall length x width x height of 3595 x 1597 x 1551 mm, and a wheelbase of 2375mm, the Chevrolet Spark is quite compact and easy to wriggle and move in tight urban areas. Chevrolet Spark uses a 1.2L engine combined with a 5-speed manual gearbox and front-wheel drive system, producing a capacity of 80 horsepower at 6400 rpm. As a result, the car has the ability to operate strongly, and save fuel at an optimal level but accelerate extremely easily and smoothly.

The new version of Chevrolet Spark has a rather friendly and easy appearance thanks to the trimmed lines, adding many modern and youthful details, making the car become more personal, and bringing a new style with the same style. strong embossed veins,..

Honda brio specs

Honda Brio uses 1.2L SOHC i-VTEC engine, 4 cylinders in line, 16 valves for a maximum capacity of 89 horsepower at 6,000 rpm, maximum torque of 110Nm at 4,800 rpm, combined with a box. CVT automatic transmission using EARTH DREAMS technology.

Honda Brio 2022 RS is equipped with Sony’s 6.2-inch touch screen “genuine”, while the standard G version still uses the standard screen. The screen is slightly upward while having nothing to cover it, sometimes causing a glare that is difficult to see if it meets the right direction of the sun.

Specifications Chevrolet spark vs Honda brio
Specifications Chevrolet Spark vs Honda Brio

Review of interior Chevrolet Spark vs Honda Brio

Interior Honda Brio

The design of the taplo area on the Honda Brio is highly appreciated with quite sporty accents, showing a lot of investment and refinement. Once again Honda Brio proves its own position compared to the majority of competitors. The Brio dashboard area is not quite luxurious, but compared to other models in the same segment, it is more beautiful and high-class.

The first impression when entering the Honda Brio cabin is that it is spacious and airy. If people often have a lot of concerns about interior space when it comes to A-class hatchback models, Brio has changed this. The front row of Brio seats is wide, and the back of the seat is just right. Open ceiling space, spacious leg room.

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Interior Chevrolet spark

Despite its compact size, Chevrolet Spark owns the largest interior space in the same segment. The car has large legroom between the two rows of seats to help people sit more comfortably on long trips.

The A-pillar of the car is quite small, so the view is quite wide. The utility is also quite fully equipped with air conditioning, a 4-speaker entertainment system, drawers/drawers by the door, and USB / AUX connection ports … In general, the utility of the old Chevrolet Spark is evaluated. quite complete and modern compared to other models in the segment.

If you have a Chevrolet Spark in your hand, car owners will easily find that this model does not consume as much gas as many people think. Because it only uses 0,1L Chevrolet spark fuel tank capacity, the car runs quite economically with an average consumption of 5-6L for 100km of road. This consumption is considered very economical when compared to many other cars using larger displacement engines.

Review of interior Chevrolet Spark vs Honda Brio
Review of interior Chevrolet Spark vs Honda Brio

Review exterior Chevrolet Spark vs Honda Brio

Exterior Honda Brio

Right from the front view, Honda Brio exudes a sporty and powerful character. Brio’s façade is used with many accent lines to create sharp, aerodynamic blocks, creating depth effects.

The front of the Honda Brio clearly separates the upper and lower parts. The upper part features a grille that connects with the front light cluster to form an eye-catching seamless arc. Grille with honeycomb pattern painted in full black. Press the center with large glossy black spokes with the RS version and chrome plated with the stylish G version running horizontally, supporting the logo in the middle.

The front lamp cluster has a plump but equally thorny design, creating a strong charisma. Unfortunately, Honda Brio still only uses Halogen lights. Of course, it is difficult to require LED lights in an A-segment car like the Brio. But because of the high price, if there is more Projector with modern support features, such as automatic headlights … it will probably be more attractive.

The lower part of the front of the Honda Brio 2022 is slightly raised to increase its appearance. The sinewy design with air vents and large fog lamp sockets, inside also uses honeycomb motifs. Compared to the upper part, many people prefer the lower part, which is sporty.

Exterior Chevrolet spark

This model “escapes” from the rounded design direction commonly found in mini cars and is replaced by embossed lines and a rather personality perpendicular rear end. According to the evaluation of many users, the old Chevrolet Spark has an exterior that feels masculine, strong, and relatively healthy.

This is also a big plus to help the old Chevrolet Spark compete with many other models. Because Chevrolet GM cars are more and more popular in Vietnam, there are many car maintenance and repair points. The cost for replacement parts or maintenance is not as expensive as other car manufacturers.


Chevrolet Spark vs Honda Brio will have different unique characteristics, a car line will be equipped with different features. If you are wondering which is the right choice, then based on your needs to make the final decision.

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