Explore Honda Jazz’s new colors 2022 in the Philippines

Honda Jazz is a globally famous model and was officially launched to Filipino users in early 2018. The new generation 5-door hatchback model is appreciated for its eye-catching appearance and many outstanding improved features, the price of the Honda Jazz is also high. But it still is a serious competitor of Toyota Yaris, which is very popular in the Philippines.

Honda Jazz is a 5 -seater hatchback that is famous in the Philippines

So it is not a surprise that Honda Jazz is available in many colors and models. Many drivers have trouble choosing for themselves a suitable color. Here we will introduce how many new colors Honda Jazz 2022 Philippines there are in the market. Suggested for you: 2022 Honda Brio Colors Philippines: What Are Available?

Overview of Honda Jazz

The new Honda Jazz is one of the best options for those who are looking for a car to move around in the city. Among countless other names in the same segment, the new Jazz is still a compact hatchback that radiates energy and is suitable for the dynamic style of the user. Currently, the new Honda Jazz is distributed in the Philippines market under 3 variants Jazz 1.5V, Jazz 1.5VX, and Jazz 1.5RS.

The design of Honda Jazz

Fashion and modernity are what you can see most clearly in the Honda Jazz 2022. If you pay attention closer, you discover that the exterior design of this model and that of Honda City have many similarities. Jazz 2022 has an urban style full of personality and flexibility, suitable for a variety of customers. At the front of the car when viewed directly, Honda’s “steady wings” are illustrated on the grille. A horizontal bar, the large version is divided into 2 layers: the shiny chrome upper layer is stretched above the grille, close to the bonnet, extending to the two headlights. The lower layer is designed with glossy Black alloy, which also connects to two headlights. In the middle is still the Honda logo H, the grille is hidden quite a lot.

Honda Jazz has a similar design to Honda City

Smart Furniture

Despite being a compact car, the interior space of the new Honda Jazz is not as small as people think it is. Instead, it is Honda’s smart arrangements that make the new Jazz outperform other competitors in the same segment. On the center console, the ventilation holes are placed in the highest position, below is the infotainment screen facing the driver with navigation keys, and audio controls are on the left-hand side. The lowest setting is the system of touch keys to adjust the air conditioner temperature. The legroom in the second row is impressive for a compact car like the new Jazz. The Magic seat that appears on the HR-V is also equipped by Honda for this hatchback. It can be folded in different ways to increase the size of the cabin or luggage compartment.

Honda Jazz’s new colors

Honda Jazz yellow

The gold color brings a touch of elegance and luxury to the owner. Honda Jazz yellow will attract all eyes whenever it appears. In addition, yellow is also the favorite color of many people because it is difficult to detect stains on the car. If you are a person who likes to stand out, Honda Jazz yellow will be a perfect choice.

Honda Jazz Yellow attracts all eyes whenever it appears

Honda Jazz White

Statistics have shown that vehicles with White color will significantly reduce the probability of having an accident when taking part in traffic because of their outstanding prominence with other natural colors. This can make for a safe, fun, and comfortable ride on the road.

Honda Jazz White with an elegant outlook

Also, Honda Jazz White doesn’t absorb heat too much, so on hot summer days, you won’t have to worry about having to wait for your car to cool down before you set off. And finally, White evokes purity but also enhances its elegance. Owning a White car, you will show your elegant nobility wherever you go, making us more confident every day!

Honda Jazz Black

Black and White is a super traditional combo that every driver dreams of. The Black car not only brings a luxurious feeling but is also very fashionable. Honda Jazz black is still one of the most favorite colors nowadays. Black is additionally durable and never out of date. So it is a wise choice for anyone who doesn’t want to change cars usually.

Honda jazz black is one of the most favorite colors

Honda Jazz red

In recent years, Honda Jazz has also provided consumers with a very outstanding color: Red. You will immediately show your personality in all aspects because Honda Jazz Red makes all eyes turn to you as soon as you appear for the first time. Sac clarifies the burning passion just like the heat it symbolizes so that you always remember the motivation and passion in your work.

Honda Jazz Red makes all eyes turn to you as soon as you appear for the first time


Here are all Honda Jazz’s new colors that just appeared recently. Hopefully, after reading this article, you can find for yourselves a suitable Honda Jazz. Thank you for reading! Also, you might read other articles like this on Honda Review. If you have any questions, feel free to contact Hondacarsph.com.