2022 Honda Brio Colors Philippines : What Are Available?

Honda is a loved brand because its car models suit many Filipino families. Like everybody, you want to own a mid-priced car from this brand, specifically a Honda Brio.

However, you are still having difficulties in choosing a suitable color. Thus, to make the right decision, keep reading this blog to know more about Honda Brio colors Philippines, you are still having difficulties in choosing a suitable color

Honda Brio Overview

Honda Brio is one of the favorite models in Honda’s car lineup for Filipinos. The vehicle is a mature and potent hatchback that was introduced in 2014.

It is Honda’s entry-level model, with tiny outward dimensions but a deceptively big inside. The hatchback may appeal to a wide audience searching for a durable and easy-to-drive car with many trim options, including the attractive Honda Brio RS Black Top CVT variant.

The 2022 Honda Brio looks better on the exterior and interior and has a more competent powertrain than the other models in the segment.

The newest Honda Brio is equipped with a 1.2-liter i-VTEC gasoline-fed engine creating 90 HP and 110 Nm of torque. 

The ownership of this engine type helps Honda Brio be more refined. At the same time, it also provides the best expectation for users, namely strong performance. Apart from that, its fuel-efficiency metrics are commendable.

For less than 1 million pesos, the Honda Brio 2022 was launched in the Philippines market with four variants and five colors to satisfy the choice needs of customers.

2022 Honda Brio Colors Philippines

Honda Brio Red

Honda Brio Rallye Red is a good choice if you’re searching for a lively and one-of-a-kind hue. This hue mixed with the texture adds to its sophisticated appearance. With this combination, the first paint option will enhance its owner’s elegant appearance.

The design is one-of-a-kind and exquisite, resulting in a rich and sumptuous appearance and making it ideal for a car.

Honda Brio White

The Taffeta White is one of the best Honda Brio colors when you don’t have a particular hue. This option will make your vehicle more attractive.

The automobile color, comparable to orchid pearl, makes Honda Brio 2022 more distinctive, beautiful, and exquisite. White paint is appealing not only because of its hue but also because it grabs the eye’s attention. It will not disappoint you if you decide to purchase it.

Honda Brio Yellow

Carnival Yellow is the most recent and unusual color variation of the Honda Brio.

Yellow automobiles are also less common on the market, which increases demand and ensures long-term value. Customers may have a difficult time finding another yellow automobile that is more appealing than this one.

Honda Brio Carnival Yellow makes its owners become the highlight of the road.

Honda Brio Modern Steel

It is a pity that Honda Brio Black is not manufactured. However, you can try to consider the gray, namely Modern Steel. The color is distinctive because it differs from the standard gray on competition vehicles.

The paint gives the automobile a gleaming yet pleasant appearance, making it more desirable. This paint choice has the advantage of not allowing dirt to accumulate on the car.

Honda Brio Phoenix Ornage

If you want to own the energical and enthusiastic color, Phoenix Orange Pearl is the considered choice.

Orange is said to be a cheerful, lively color that symbolizes connection, stability, and a cheerful escape from the routine of everyday life.

Nevertheless, the car’s orange hue makes it difficult to notice when it has accumulated dirt. It’s an issue that you should consider before choosing this color.

Honda Brio 2022 Price Philippines

Honda Brio 2022 is available in four variants in the Philippines market. Look at the table list price below to learn about all price ranges for your chosen colors:

No.VariantSRP Price 
(Peso Philippines)
1Honda Brio S MT₱650,000Modern Steel Metallic, Rallye Red, Taffeta White
2Honda Brio V CVT₱742,000Modern Steel Metallic, Carnival Yellow, Taffeta White, Rallye Red
3Honda Brio RS CVT₱798,000Modern Steel Metallic, Taffeta White
4Honda Brio RS Black Top CVT₱808,000Carnival Yellow, Phoenix Orange Pearl, Taffeta White


This article has given you thorough information about the Honda Brio colors Philippines. In the Philippines, this model is offered in five distinct colors. This variety makes it very easy for consumers to select their preferred hue for their family.

To buy a nice automobile, you should thoroughly examine other information such as its specs, features, engine, power, and other details.

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