What are the Honda Brio Pros and Cons?

Many people wonder whether they should buy a Honda Brio. Because users have many other highly rated hatchback options, such as Fadil or Morning, in the hatchback segment.

Honda Brio competes fiercely with other strong competitors in the A-class hatchback segment for urban customers. Despite the fact that many competitors entered this segment, the Japanese brand’s hatchback model won the hearts of many customers. To give a clear picture of this vehicle, let’s together find out the Honda Brio pros and cons.

Latest Honda Brio Price

Many people associate hatchbacks with compact cars with limited interior space designed for city streets. However, the Honda Brio has a more premium feel, with its own surface design, despite the fact that the car form is still compact. That is why, in the highly competitive small urban car segment, the Honda Brio always asserts its own position, style, and personality.

In the Philippines market, the company currently distributes several versions of the Honda Brio for users to choose from. Prices will vary depending on the version and paint color. Here is the most recent Honda Brio price list for readers’ convenience:

Variants Price
Honda Brio S 1.2 MT ₱650,000
Honda Brio V 1.2 CVT ₱742,000
Honda Brio RS 1.2 CVT ₱798,000
Honda Brio RS Black Top 1.2 CVT ₱808,000

Should you buy a Honda Brio?

Many users are unsure whether to buy a Honda Brio because of the variety of versions and numerous unique benefits. Before deciding whether or not to buy a car, you should consider the following pros and cons of Honda Brio:

Honda Brio Pros

The Honda Brio has a compact design, which is a distinguishing feature of hatchbacks. This design allows Brio to move around the city with ease. The model cannot be made difficult by congested roads and tight turns. The Honda Brio is extremely easy to drive.

The comfortable seats are another feature of this model that should not be overlooked. Despite its small size, Brio provides the occupants of the car with an extremely comfortable experience when traveling long distances. Ergonomic design and numerous built-in supports will ensure that occupants are always relaxed and comfortable.

The cabin space in the Honda Brio is also quite large. No one believes this hatchback can be so spacious just by looking at it from the outside. However, finding a comfortable foot and head position will be difficult for those who are 1m80 or taller.

Even though it’s a low-cost model, the Honda Brio’s interior materials appear to be of high quality. The car’s interior compartment is highly aesthetic, with most surfaces covered in hard plastic for durability.

Honda Brio has many outstanding advantages
Honda Brio has many outstanding advantages

Honda Brio Cons

Many people will be uneasy about the noise level inside the Honda Brio’s cabin, especially when traveling on the highway. Passengers and drivers will be irritated if engine and road noise penetrates the cabin more than competitors in the same segment.

The Honda Brio’s safety system is regarded as questionable. This makes passengers in cars feel unsafe. This is one of the reasons many people are hesitant to purchase a Honda Brio and consider Honda Brio problems the Philippines when driving.

After weighing the pros and cons of buying a Honda Brio, in general, this model provides quite good quality in comparison to the requirements of an A-class hatchback. It may be appropriate for women or small families.

However, the price of this model is likely to frighten many people. When compared to competitors in the same segment, the Honda Brio has the highest price, even matching B-class vehicles. However, if you adore this model and believe that the “expensive” price tag is justified, this is a hatchback well worth the money.

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#01 Is the Honda Brio suitable for family driving?

Honda Brio is a pleasant surprise for users, particularly small families, from the Japanese manufacturer. It was initially thought to be unsuitable for families, but if the Brio doesn’t fit, no car in the A-class hatchback segment is.

#02 Is the Honda Brio long-lasting?

The Honda Brio’s durability is determined by a variety of factors, including using the proper fuel; performing, caring for, maintaining, and replacing fixed parts as recommended by the manufacturer, and using the vehicle correctly…

#03 Is the Honda Brio fuel-efficient?

Honda Brio uses very little fuel thanks to its SOHC engine and CVT transmission. In particular, the estimated fuel consumption of the two new Brio models is:

Fuel consumption Honda Brio G    Honda Brio RS
Both (L/100km) 5.4 5.9
In City (L/100km) 6.6 7
Outside City (L/100km) 4.7 5.2

Final Thoughts

For those who are interested, the article above evaluates the benefits and drawbacks of Honda Brio vehicles. This model is ideal for those looking for their own substance in the low-cost A-class hatchback segment. If you’re finding the Honda Brio pros and cons, hopefully, this article will provide you with an answer.

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