Honda City vs Honda Civic: What is the right choice?

Are you looking to buy a family sedan? Do you love Honda but are confused about two models Honda City vs Honda Civic? Honda City vs Honda Civic: Which is better?

Belonging to a family of 5-seater sedans, both Honda City and Honda Civic possess attractive and beautiful designs combined with modern and comfortable options. However, if you want to choose between the two, we will help you analyze and compare to get the best choice. Follow our next share for the best selection!

What is the difference between Honda Civic and Honda City?

Although they are all 5-seater sedans from the Honda brand, Honda City and Honda Civic are different in the price segment, interior, and exterior design, fuel consumption, etc. Follow the next share to know more!

About car segment and price

Honda City is in the B-segment sedan segment, while the Civic is in the higher C-segment

Honda City is in the B-segment sedan segment, while the Civic is in the higher C-segment. Therefore. These two models are sold at different prices in the Philippines market. We have the Honda City priced at ₱938,000 1,078 Million, while Honda Civic is priced at ₱1,368 1.76 Million. If you want to choose one of these two models, you should pay attention to the budget you have.

About the exterior

Honda City vs Honda Civic: Honda City is dubbed the “small Accord” because of its elongated body design

Although there are some designs that are somewhat similar due to coming from the same line of cars, Honda City and Honda Civic still have many differences in the exterior.

On Honda City, the turn signal strip, the daytime running light has a seamless brightness because it is a string-led type. On the Honda Civic, the LED daytime running lights are ball-shaped, so you may have a feeling that the brightness is not seamless.

The length of these two cars is similar, only 9cm apart. Honda City is dubbed the “small Accord” because of its elongated body design inspired by the new generation Accord. The new generation Civic is styled like a two-door coupé, with the roof sloping back, which is characteristic of the fast-back style, the groundbreaking sporty style of this car.

About the interior

The clock on the new generation City car is designed to be more beautiful

The steering wheel of the City version is equipped with operating support functions such as Cruise Control (automatic accelerator hold), sport gearshift paddles so that we can adjust ourselves from level 1 to number 7, start push-button operation, and fuel-saving driving mode. The clock on the new generation City car is designed to be more beautiful, but it is still a mechanical clock because the B-class sedans of the Honda family will not be equipped with an electronic clock.

The rear seat area of ​​City has a fairly spacious space that brings an extremely comfortable feeling for passengers. The trunk of the City RS is quite spacious, the luggage compartment is up to 506 liters so that families can comfortably store many items. However, the trunk of the Civic G is larger than the City RS with a capacity of 519 liters and can be increased when the rear seats are folded in a 60:40 ratio.

The Civic’s steering wheel is also equipped with the same features as that of the Honda City. But a special feature is that the Civic can also adjust the lights on and off automatically. Right behind the steering wheel is an electronic instrument cluster that clearly displays operating information for the driver to easily observe.

The gearshift area of ​​both B and C class sedans has 3 driving modes (D, S, Econ). But the difference is that the Honda Civic is also equipped with an electronic brake cluster and holds the automatic brake in the gearshift area. This is a functional cluster that helps elevate a C-class sedan compared to a B-class sedan of the Honda family. The electronic brake function will help the driver manipulate the brake (pull the brake, release the brake) extremely gently with just one button.


Honda Civic is equipped with a 1.8L SOHC i4 engine for a maximum capacity of 139 Hp at 6,600 v / p

Honda City is equipped with a DOHC, 1.5L, i-VTEC engine, 4 cylinders in line, 16 valves, producing a maximum capacity of 119 Hp at 6,600 v / p and a maximum torque of 145 Nm at 4,300 v / p. Comes with a continuously variable automatic transmission (CVT) and front-wheel drive (FWD). With this operating power, the B-class sedan City is more than enough to meet everyone’s basic mobility needs, even if you want to accelerate suddenly, the car can still meet the needs of people.

In contrast, Honda Civic is equipped with a 1.8L SOHC i4 engine for a maximum capacity of 139 Hp at 6,600 v / p and a maximum torque of 174 Nm at 4,300 v / p. With more power than the B-class sedan by 20 horsepower, this C-class sedan will give better loading than City. So, if you are a person who likes speed, this is the right car for you. If you use a car for basic daily commutes in the city, Honda City is still guaranteed to serve your needs well.

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Honda Civic vs Honda City fuel consumption

Honda City will save fuel a bit more than the Civic because it uses a 1.5L engine block, smaller than Honda Civic. Specifically, City’s fuel consumption is 5.7L/100km on mixed roads, while in Civic G it is 6.2L/100km, the difference is not significant.

Which is better Honda City or Honda Civic?

Honda City car is a more economical choice

Through the detailed comparisons between Honda City and Honda Civic above, you must have seen the difference between these two sedans, right?

Each model has its own advantages over the rest. If you love Civic’s 2-door couple design or like speed, like the feeling of driving with a load, or the convenience of the electronic handbrake function, you can choose this Civic. And if we choose to be more economical, but still ensure full utilities, good service needs, and performance, the Honda City car is a more economical choice.

The best choice should be the most suitable choice. After reading our Honda City and Honda Civic comparison, if you feel which car is more suitable for your needs, then choose it.

Final words

Honda City vs Honda Civic: which one is better?

We have analyzed, compared, and shared with you the answers in this article. Both vehicles have their own advantages and disadvantages. If you want a fast sports car, you can choose Honda Civic in the higher price segment. In contrast, a B-class sedan like Honda City can also meet the needs of a small family. Hopefully, through the sharing above you can make the best choice!

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