All Things You Should Know About 2022 Honda HR-V Colors

Honda HR-V 2022 is a popular option among many Filipinos because of its unique features and advancements. However, some people still have difficulty choosing Honda HR-V colors. And this article will give you all detailed information about all Honda HR-V colors available in the Philippines market. Let’s scroll down!

2022 Honda HR-V Overview

Honda HR-V is a crossover in the B-segment that first appeared on the market in 1999. It is praised for its ability to adapt to the terrain because of its high ground clearance, driver aid technology, and safety features. It has long been a goal to compete with all of its opponents.

Honda HR-V is a luxury 5-seater crossover vehicle recognized for its unique look and practicality. Honda made its mark with the 2022 HR-V. Honda’s newest Crossover car is available in two configurations. 

The HR-V measures 4385 mm in length, 1790 mm in width, 1590 mm in height, 2610 mm in wheelbase, and 181 mm in ground clearance. An automatic temperature control touch screen, cruise control, and other features are included in the HR-V interior.

The 2022 Honda HR-V is available in the Philippines with a gasoline engine. The Honda HR-V V Turbo CVT is equipped with a petrol engine with a fuel tank capacity of 1498 cc and generates 177 HP and 172 Nm at peak performance. 

On the other hand, the CVT gearbox is available for the HR-V. Depending on the variant and fuel type, the HR-V has a highway fuel economy of 24.82 km/h.

2022 Honda HR-V Colors

For the 2022 model, Honda launched four colors for Honda HR-V to serve customers in the Philippines market, including Honda HR-V Premium Opal White Silver, Platinum White Pearl, Ignite Red Metallic, and Meteoroid Gray Metallic. It can be seen that there is a lack of Honda HR-V black and Honda HR-V blue in the 2022 Honda HR-V colors list. Therefore, if you want to own two kinds of color, you can buy the previous model or an imported car.


White is a fundamental, pure color with several positive connotations, so the Honda HR-V Platinum White Pearl is the popular choice in this car’s line.

This hue brings tranquillity, purity, friendliness, kindness, virtue, and youth to the possessor. Thus, most car experts advise that the Honda HR-V white is a suitable hue for women.

Premium Silver

If Honda HR-V suits women, men are recommended for the 2022 Honda HR-V premium silver.

The reason is that this hue represents conservatism, severity, and discipline. It might also imply modernity. On the other hand, silver represents modern ingenuity and invention. 

At the same time, because of the lack of Honda HR-V black, you can consider the Honda HR-V premium silver, which is as powerful and mysterious as black color.

The Honda HR-V premium silver is also the special color that is only available in Honda HR-V V Turbo CVT.

Ignite Red Metallic

If you like to stand out and be strong, Honda HR-V Ignite Red Metallic is your most advisable hue. 

The red automobile is typically connected with energy and passion and is popular among people who prefer being the center of attention. In addition, red denotes sport, blood, passion, desire, and excitement.

Meteoroid Gray Metallic

If you like the mysterious and wealthy feeling, you can consider Honda HR-V Meteoroid Gray Metallic.

The Honda HR-V gray will ooze charisma and incredible strength when you purchase it. Therefore, this hue is used in designs aimed at the wealthy clientele.

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Honda HR-V Price 2022 Philippines

The Honda HR-V 2022 is available in two variants: S CVT and V Turbo CVT, which cost over ₱ 1,000,000. Here is the table of the detailed prices and available colors on each variant of Honda HR-V 2022:

VariantSRP Price 
(Peso Philippines)
Honda HR-V S CVT₱ 1,250,000Platinum Meteoroid Gray Metallic, White Pearl, Ignite Red Metallic
Honda HR-V V Turbo CVT₱ 1,598,000Premium Opal White Silver, Ignite Red Metallic, Platinum Meteoroid Gray Metallic, White Pearl

In terms of price, Honda HR-V is slightly higher when compared to other models in the same sector. However, in exchange, you may expect additional features and improved fuel efficiency in the long term.


Generally, it is easy to see that in the Philippines market, Honda introduced four colors for Honda HR-V. Each color has its characteristics and presents the owner’s style. Thus, the information provided in the Honda HR-V colors article will assist you in making a selection that is appropriate for your personality.

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