The Honda Civic 2022 Colors Options

The newly launched Honda Civic 2022 has surprised Filipino users with advances in technology, but the lower price increases competition with rivals such as the Mazda 3 and, in particular, the Toyota Corolla Altis All New 2022. Car owners, in particular, are very interested in the Honda Civic 2022 colors! Let’s find out what colors this car comes in.

Honda Civic 2022 General Information

The C-segment sedan segment in the Philippines has been relatively quiet for about two years and will only really come back to life in 2022. Two new models, the Beijing U5 Plus and MG5 debuted for the first time at the start of the year. Begin with a low price, such as a B-class car.

Honda Civic

Honda Civic 2022 continues to heat up the competition despite its recent introduction in the Philippines. Honda Civic has significantly improved and the price is much more affordable than before as it enters the 11th generation to become a serious competitor in the C-segment sedan segment.

Previously, the Honda Civic was the most expensive model in the C-Sedan segment. However, users were taken aback when the 11th generation model not only did not increase in price but also decreased significantly when compared to the previous model. The Honda Civic 2022 colors, in particular, are noteworthy.

Honda Civic 2022 Colors

The Honda Civic 2022 is a compact sedan with a sporty exterior design and new paint colors. Honda drivers and shoppers will be able to select from a variety of bright colors and sleek designs with the new Honda Civic, though options vary depending on trim level.

Honda Civic 2022 Grey

Grey is frequently associated with formality, wisdom, and understanding; thus, gray car owners are often described as pragmatic, conservative, elegant, and self-contained. Many customers trust gray cars because they give off a glossy, cool vibe.

Honda Civic 2022 Grey

Honda Civic 2022 grey is frequently chosen by people who value comfort in their lives or who have strong self-control and emotional stability. This car color also conjures up images of people who live rationally, help others, and are content with their lives.

Honda Civic 2022 Lunar Silver

This Honda Civic 2022 Lunar Silver has a sporty appearance and is a combination of black and gray, making the car even more luxurious. The majority of customers prefer this color because of its luxurious and stylish appearance. Furthermore, it is simple to clean and can conceal minor stains on your vehicle.

Honda Civic 2022 Lunar Silver

Honda Civic 2022 Dark Grey

The redesigned Civic Sedan is a joy to look at and even better to drive, thanks to its sleek new styling and spacious interior. The Dark Grey color creates a powerful appearance from the outside, and Honda aims to improve the view from the inside. With this color scheme, the car will have an attractive and powerful appearance.

Honda Civic 2022 Dark Grey

Honda Civic 2022 Light Blue

Blue is a color that frequently conjures up images of newness and cleanliness. It also represents hope, renewal, patience, and good fortune. Blue drivers frequently have thoughts and attitudes that are consistent. They are also very loyal and honest people who prefer to blend in rather than stand out. People who like the color blue are usually trustworthy, peaceful, and quiet. Blue also represents devotion, achievement, and sanity.

Honda Civic 2022 Light Blue 

The majority of customers prefer this color because of its luxurious and stylish appearance. Furthermore, it is simple to clean and can conceal minor stains on your vehicle.

Honda Civic 2022 White

Honda Civic 2022 white is one of the primary colors when choosing a car model thanks to the straightforward design that represents icy traditionalism. This color is also available on all Honda Civic models.

Honda Civic 2022 White 

White is the most common car color seen on the road. Despite being more expensive than other colors, the Honda Civic 2022 white continues to attract a large number of customers. White is another color option that will make the Honda Civic stand out.

Honda Civic 2022 Red Color

The Honda Civic 2022 red color, which is also considered a more youthful color, is one of this model’s most expressive colors. The attractive and strong exterior, combined with this color, will make the car stand out.

Honda Civic 2022 Red Color 

Honda Civic 2022 Best Colors

When it comes to the Honda Civic 2022 best color, it would probably be the Honda Civic light blue. At first glance, the light blue car may appear to be another gray or silver vehicle. When viewed closely, the slightly silver exterior paint actually has a blue tint, especially when not in direct sunlight.

Honda Civic 2022 best color is Light Blue 

More importantly, depending on the lighting, it morphs into a shade of yellow, making the color truly unique. In our visual sense, the play was just so satisfying, and you have to see it in metal to understand the vehicle’s fascination.

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Honda Civic 2022 Price Philippines

The entry-level S Turbo Honda Sensing 1.5 CVT is priced at Php 1,368,000 in the Philippines, while the top-spec Honda Civic RS 2022 price Philippines Turbo 1.5 CVT is priced at Php 1,760,000. For more information, please see our Honda Civic 2022 price list:

Variants Price
Honda Civic S Turbo Honda Sensing 1.5 CVT ₱1,368,000
Honda Civic V Turbo Honda Sensing 1.5 CVT ₱1,568,000
Honda Civic RS Turbo Honda Sensing 1.5 CVT ₱1,760,000


Honda Civic 2022 colors are available in a variety of options to suit a variety of tastes and styles. After reading the information above, we hope you will have no trouble choosing a color that suits us.

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